Wednesday, October 25, 2006

PrawfsBlawg: When the Law Review was Young

Doing research on the historical development of a doctrine, a law professor read lots of law review articles from the early 20th century and noticed that they seemed much fresher and more interesting than articles today. Andrew Siegel, PrawfsBlawg: When the Law Review was Young, PrawfsBlawg, Oct. 19, 2006.

Thomas's opinion about Kansas's law...

Should it be Thomas's opinion about Kansas's law? Or Thomas' opinion about Kansas' law? I'm strongly in the former camp, but controversy roils. Gimme an 'S': The High Court's Grammatical Divide, Legal Times, Oct. 17, 2006,

Monday, October 09, 2006

Delaware Judges as Scholars

Usha Rodrigues comments on The Publishing Propensity of the Delaware Judiciary:
In the past 16 years, Delaware Chancery Court judges and Supreme Court justices have collectively written around 50 articles on corporate law topics (roughly defined), and 28 on non-corporate topics (shout out to my research assistant, D.K., for compiling these numbers). 35 of the corporate articles have been published since 2000. I haven't run any kind of study, but these preliminary numbers support my intuition that Delaware produces more legal scholarship than the average state.